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A HOLIDAYMAKER has warned plane passengers about a packing mistake that could prove to be very costly.

It can be difficult to stay on top of what is and isn't permitted in our suitcases – with the rules regularly changing.

However, an everyday item that could unexpectedly land passengers in trouble at airports is headphones.

One traveller found this out the hard way, while flying in New Zealand recently.

They were shocked to pick up their checked luggage only to discover a note revealing that their Airpods had been removed and left behind at Wellington airport, where they had flown from.

Headphones and their charging cases contain lithium batteries, which are not permitted in checked luggage with most airlines.

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The reason being that such items can start fires if they become damaged.

The traveller shared a picture of the note they found in their luggage on Reddit and said they might not get the headphones back.

They wrote: "An expensive lesson was learnt!

"I emailed them once I received the notice in my luggage. Fingers crossed I can get them, if not, my own fault."

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Currently, on the Apple website, the cheapest pair of Apple Airpods costs £139, although there are also more expensive models available.

The earbuds are allowed on planes, but only in passengers' hand luggage.

While this passenger was annoyed to have had their expensive item taken away from them, they could at least be grateful they weren't kicked off the plane.

That's what happened to Clare Vertannes, who was approached by a flight attendant as she waited for her Jetstar flight from Sydney to Perth to take off last April.

Initially thought she was being upgraded to first class, but quickly realised that wasn't the case.

She told “I was sitting there minding my own business, and then she was like: ‘Can you please come with me?’

“I was getting really excited because it genuinely didn’t cross my mind [that I was about to get kicked off the plane].

"It wasn’t until we walked off the plane, that I started asking questions.”

Once she and the flight attendant were on the tarmac, Ms Vertannes was told that staff had found a “very dangerous item” – a battery pack – in her checked luggage.

While portable chargers containing a lithium ion battery are banned from check-in baggage, Clare was certain she had not packed hers in her suitcase.

While airport staff claimed to have found something dangerous in her bag, it turned out to be a false alarm.

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Meanwhile, airlines have started warning passengers about losing phones on flights, which could be dangerous.

And this flight attendant revealed the safety item that people often steal from planes.

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