Tourists share the everyday challenges of being tall in Japan from low ceilings to getting cropped out of photos – The Sun

IT should come as no surprise that things like the weather and how friendly the locals are can affect your holiday experience.

But you might be surprised to learn that your height can make a big impact too, as these travellers can testify.

In a new set of photographs compiled by Bored Panda, taller travellers everywhere have revealed the everyday challenges of visiting Japan where they're above average height.

The problems range from having to duck every time they go through doors and shower heads that only come up to their chest, to constantly being cropped out of photos and looking out of place at tourist attractions.

But you don't have to be particularly tall either – just taller than average.

At the moment, the average height in Japan is 5ft 7in for men and 5ft 2in for women, although it's been shrinking in recent years according to Japan Times.

In reality though, it's only slightly shorter than the British average of 5ft 9in for men and 5ft 3in for women.

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