Travellers share their worst hotel experiences from rooms with no view to brown water from taps – The Sun

TRAVELLERS have shared their worst hotel experiences from their holidays with some rather terrifying and gruesome images.

It may make guests think twice before booking their next trip abroad.

Some of the horrifying scenes show mouldy rooms and broken amenities, such as smashed sinks or taps running brown water.

Other images, however, show bad behaviour from previous guests.

Many travellers found items left behind such as clumps of hair in the bed and sex toys on the ceiling.

We've  rounded up some of the very worst hotel horrors.

1. Chemical warning

2. Lord of the Flies

3. Unusual sprinkler

4. Small screen

5. Shower shock

6. Double vision

7. Water damage

8. Sinkhole

9. Hairy business

10.  Fire safety

11. Something fishy

12. Not drinking water

13. Do not pee in the pool

14. Clean drinking

15. Not-so-hot tub

16. Room with a view

17. That's pants

18. Bricked in

19. Take a seat

20. Swimming pool closed

We also rounded up the worst hotel guests, from naked men sleeping in the corridor to trashed hotel rooms.

There are also some of the biggest hotel fails.

Sinks with taps that don't reach, incorrect spellings and doors leading onto a staircase are just some of the stupidest hotel designs.

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